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Product overview

EAT ME Naga Jalokia Product photo

Naga Jolokia

Almost the hottest!
EAT ME Padrone Product photo


A mild pepper
EAT ME Poblano Product photo

Poblano chilli

The look and feel of a sweet pepper!
EAT ME Rawit Product photo

Rawit pepper

Hot, hotter, hottest!
EAT ME Trinidad Scorpion Product photo

Trinidad Scorpion

The reigning vice champion of spice!
EAT ME sweet potato Product photo

Sweet potato

The emerging new favourite
EAT ME Butternut Squash Product photo

Butternut squash

The autumn staple in the kitchen
EAT ME Galanga Product photo


The all-rounder in Asian cuisine
EAT ME Ginger Product photo


The root with 1001 applications
EAT ME Turmeric product photo


Popular from east to west!
EAT ME Turnip Product photo


The revival of heirloom vegetables
EAT ME Horseradish Product photo


Tastemaker à la carte
EAT ME Parsnip Product photo


Delicious for a vegetarian day
EAT ME Topinambour Product photo

Jerusalem artichokes

Sunshine on a plate
EAT ME Mini Eggplant Product photo

Mini aubergines

A deep purple gem
EAT ME Mini beet Product photo

Mini beetroot

More refined flavour

Mini capsicum

Their diminutive size just makes you smile!
EAT ME Mini Carrot Product picture

Mini carrots

Impact on the plate
EAT ME Mini Corn Product photo

Mini sweet corn

Love me tender
EAT ME Mini Zucchini Product photo

Mini zucchini

The baby of the family
EAT ME Mini Fennel Product photo

Mini fennel

Only a mini offers this level of crunchiness
EAT ME Mini Leek Product photo

Mini leeks

A leek, but sweeter and more tender
EAT ME Mini Patty Pans Product photo

Mini patty pans

Are they really edible?
EAT ME Bimi Product photo


Broccoli and kailan in one
EAT ME Lemongrass Product photo


A staple in Indonesian cuisine
EAT ME Okra Product photo


A typical ingredient in Creole and African cuisine
Sweet corn Product photo

Sweet corn

EAT ME's ‘super sweetheart’
EAT ME Tamarind Product photo


The basis of an exotic marinade and sauce
EAT ME Paksoi Product photo

Shanghai paksoy

Smaller with stunning leaves
EAT ME Mini Paksoi Product photo

Mini paksoy

Mini format with maxi taste
EAT ME Amsoi Product photo


The spicy leafy vegetable from China
EAT ME Choisam Product photo


The paksoy lookalike
EAT ME Kaichoi Product photo


A hint of mustard
EAT ME Kailan Product photo


Tastes like broccoli
EAT ME Borage Product photo


Sounds exclusive, tastes like...cucumber!
EAT ME Anjer Product photo Orange


Familiar flower adds flavour
EAT ME Calendula Product photo


A splash of orange
EAT ME Courgettebloem Product photo

Courgette flower

Eat the fruit and the flowers
EAT ME Driekleurig Viooltje Product photo

Tri-coloured pansy

Three in one makes a beautiful garnish
EAT ME Lavendel Product photo


Provence on your plate
EAT ME Daisies Product photo


Tiny but packed with taste
EAT ME Nasturtium Product photo


Vivid colours for the finishing touch
EAT ME Roses Product photo


A romantic gesture
EAT ME Sage Flower Product photo

Sage flowers

Unexpected success as an ingredient
EAT ME Tagetes Red Product photo


The garden plant that also flourishes in the kitchen

Avocado slicer

The handy 4-in-1 kitchen tool
EAT ME Mango cutter Product photo

Mango slicer

The effortless way to prepare a mango
EAT ME Limesprayer Product photo

Lime juice sprayer

Turn your lime into a real sprayer