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Mini vegetables

EAT ME, a big selection of baby vegetables

Many familiar vegetables are also available in smaller versions. EAT ME has several of these mini vegetables (also called baby vegetables) in its range. Sometimes it's just the size that is different. But the flavour of the XS version can also taste different too. Or the smaller size can open up other possibilities, such an ideal format for stuffing. Do you want to substitute ordinary vegetables with something a little out of the ordinary? Then why not try our mini vegetables?

Product overview

EAT ME Mini Eggplant Product photo

Mini aubergines

A deep purple gem
EAT ME Mini beet Product photo

Mini beetroot

More refined flavour

Mini capsicum

Their diminutive size just makes you smile!
EAT ME Mini Carrot Product picture

Mini carrots

Impact on the plate
EAT ME Mini Corn Product photo

Mini sweet corn

Love me tender
EAT ME Mini Zucchini Product photo

Mini zucchini

The baby of the family
EAT ME Mini Fennel Product photo

Mini fennel

Only a mini offers this level of crunchiness
EAT ME Mini Leek Product photo

Mini leeks

A leek, but sweeter and more tender
EAT ME Mini Patty Pans Product photo

Mini patty pans

Are they really edible?