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EAT ME inspires every day

You will no doubt have seen the purple EAT ME label in the shops before. Under this label, you will find an unparalleled range of exotic fruits, vegetables and berries. After all, we love bringing a world of special products to your plate. Because that is what EAT ME really stands for: we offer inspiration for discovering new products.

The world seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Increasingly, we are able to see how other people live, and we are more connected online. This brings us into contact with other cultures much more often. And so we can discover other countries' eating habits. Also because fruit & vegetables that we do not know here in Western Europe are grown in those countries. Or that we simply can't grow.

Taste and quality

With the increasing focus on food - especially healthy food - we are becoming ever more curious about exotic fruit and vegetables. EAT ME is on the lookout everywhere for fruit and vegetables that are too tasty to be eaten in the country of origin only. We are highly selective about this. Two aspects are top of our list: taste and quality.

Available year-round

That is why our products always have a taste that will surprise you. And because we are talking about fruit and vegetables, we want to be sure that growers always delivers constant quality. We also consider the availability of our products. We want you to be able to enjoy them year-round, ideally. That's why we work with growers in many different parts of the world.

Good for your health

Especially if you like to eat healthily, you would do well to put exotic fruit and vegetables on the menu more often. They contain many of the building blocks your body needs. Important vitamins like A, B6 and C for example, and minerals like potassium. Many fruits are also rich in dietary fibre. And avocados are popular because they are absolutely bursting with unsaturated fats. That's why it's useful that you can find the nutritional values per product on all our EAT ME product pages.

Eye-catching EAT ME label

You can recognise all these different products in the shops as a single brand. In this way, we make your 'voyage of discovery' around the world of exotic fruit and vegetables very easy. Because the purple EAT ME label definitely stands out. And speaking of convenience: we also make sure these products are ready-to-eat, so that you can be sure that each fruit is ripe. And in case you have bought an exotic fruit that you are not familiar with yet, we also love to inspire you with surprising recipes.

Exotic and sustainable fruit and vegetables

Another one of our top priorities is sustainability. What we sell must be responsibly produced and delivered to you responsibly. That is why we work in close collaboration with our growers. Just as we inspire you with our exotic range, we always inspire growers to produce more sustainably. And we continue to innovate as well, to package and transport more sustainably.

This is EAT ME in a nutshell. A brand that inspires you to push your boundaries every day.

Dare to explore!