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2X longer lasting

You can enjoy EAT ME Apeel avocados straight away. But you don't have to: you can keep these delicious avocados for longer. We have given our avocados a special plant-based protective coating from Apeel. It extends the shelf life of every ready-to-eat avocado up to 2x. So you can immediately enjoy your avocado – or keep it for a while. This also means you won't have to throw out fruit as often. Apeel protection is plant-based, odourless and tasteless.

So, what is Apeel protection, exactly?

The longer fruit ripens, the more moisture evaporates from the fruit and the more oxygen enters it. As a result, all fruits will spoil sooner or later. Apeel creates a second peel around the fruit. This protection forms a barrier that slows down evaporation and oxidation. In an avocado, this creates a so-called 'microclimate' that extends the ripening process, so that the avocado stays delicious for longer.

Ingredients: plant-based

The Apeel protection is made from ingredients that are naturally present in fruit: peels, pulp and seeds. In other words, only plant-derived substances are used. This allows you to eat any avocado with Apeel as you would normally. The protective layer is odourless and tasteless.

You don't need to rinse off the protective layer either: Apeel is 100% safe and reliable. It also complies with the strict rules of the European Union, which has allowed Apeel in all countries. You can recognise ready-to-eat EAT ME Apeel avocados by the purple-green sticker.

How do you store Apeel avocados?

You can keep your ready-to-eat Apeel avocado for a few more days in the fruit basket.

Protection with nothing but benefits

You don't always want to use your ready-to-eat EAT ME avocados immediately. Thanks to the protection of Apeel, the shelf life is extended up to 2x.

Environmentally friendly

You can eat EAT ME Apeel avocados immediately after buying, but also days later. This helps to reduce food waste significantly. Less food waste is also better for the environment. Thanks to Apeel, more avocados are left for consumption and this, in turn, saves energy and water in the supply chain, and avoids gas emissions.