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Exotic fruit

Enjoy the flavours of the world

What tastes more delicious than a piece of fruit? Answer: exotic fruit! There is a world of unlimited flavour waiting to be discovered. We at EAT ME have already made that voyage of discovery for you. Our assortment offers you familiar fruits, but also a range of unfamiliar exotic varieties of fruit. Each one even more delicious than the other. So why not live life on the edge and leap into the unknown? Bet you will become an instant fan!

Product overview

Passion fruit

If you have a passion for flavour
EAT ME Maracuja Product photo


The lesser-known sister of passion fruit
EAT ME Granadilla Product photo


The passion fruit if you love sweetness
Figs Product photo


Eat just the way they are


It's all in the seeds
EAT ME Dragon Fruit Product photo

Dragon fruit

An exotic treat from the cactus plant
EAT ME Yellow Dragon Fruit Product photo

Yellow dragon fruit

The sweetest of the family


Small in size, big in taste
EAT ME Limes Product photo


The cocktail ingredient par excellence
Papaya Formosa Product photo

Formosa papaya

Giant in size, giant in flavour
EAT ME plantain Product photo


The banana that needs baking
EAT ME Carambola Product photo


The star of the fruit bowl!
EAT ME Red banana - Product photo

Red bananas

Even sweeter than the ordinary banana
EAT ME Kumquats Product photo


Oranges in a mini variant

Young coconut

The coconut with soft flesh
EAT ME Kiwano Product photo


Is it a melon? Is it a cucumber? No, it’s a kiwano!


Milk and flesh
EAT ME Lychees Product photo


Exotic but easy to peel
EAT ME Mangosteen Product photo


A hidden secret

Mini pineapple

Mini in size, maxi in flavour
EAT ME Rambutan Product photo


Exotic looks, exotic taste
EAT ME Tamarillo Product photo


Intense flavour with a hint of sweetness
EAT ME Medjoul Dadel Product photo

Medjool dates

The king of the dates