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The banana that needs baking

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In contrast to Western Europe, where it is mainly an exotic side dish, plantains are a staple food in its countries of origin. The delicious, sweet taste of the plantain is only revealed after cooking. This type of banana with its thick skin cannot be eaten raw. The plantain has such a high starch content that is cannot be digested properly. Frying is not the only way to prepare a plantain. The greenish yellow ones are ideal for deep frying. If you buy a dark yellow plantain, you can choose between pan-frying but also cooking, deep-frying, grilling and mashing.

And why not try the plantain on the barbecue? Paired with a savoury ingredient you have a match made in heaven! You might sometimes come across a plantain with a black skin. The darker, the riper, so these fruits offer the perfect flavour for dessert. Do you like a soft texture full of sweetness? Then look out for dark yellow plantains.


Baking, grilling, cooking, frying, mashing: there is no end to the versatility of the plantain in the kitchen! They take centre stage in a variety of recipes. On the barbecue as an exotic skewer, baked as crisps or deep-fried in a batter. In many cases, they add a wonderful sweet - and surprising - counterbalance to savoury dishes.


The thick skin is not easy to peel. Slice through the skin in a few places and then apply force to remove it. Yellow and black plantains are easier to peel with a knife. When it has been peeled, the plantain can be prepared whole or cut into cubes or slices. You can also bake the plantain whole and eat the delicious flesh out of the skin.

How to use plantain in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • BBQ
  • Deep frying
Plantain loose topview
Plantain loose topview

Storage advice

Plantains can be stored easily for a while, but do not keep them in the fridge.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

138 kcal
32 g carbohydrates
0,0 g fats
0 g saturated fatsvetten
2,3 g fiber

If you like to eat healthy, you can bake bananas more often. The plantain is a source of vitamin B6, which is good for your concentration. Coincidentally, this is also a property of vitamin C, of which the plantain is the source. And potassium, do you get enough of that? The content in the plantain is good for the functioning of your muscles.

Where do plantains come from?

Our plantains are grown in South America, to be precise: In Colombia, Costa Rica and Ecuador.