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The passion fruit if you love sweetness

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EAT ME Granadilla Product photo

There are several varieties of passion fruit and the granadilla is one of them. The fruit resembles two of its close relatives, the passion fruit and the maracuja. What distinguishes the granadilla is its bright orange colour. The inside of granadilla is similar: jelly-like flesh bursting with edible seeds, but with a slightly sweeter taste than the rest of the family.

During cultivation, the skin changes from green and yellow to orange. In the shop, the skin should still feel a little smooth. After purchase, the skin will start to wrinkle a little. But whereas this is a sign of over ripeness with other fruits, the granadilla is perfectly ripe at this stage. Do not wait too long before eating as the fruit dries out quickly. So remember, wrinkled tastes best!


Do you have a favourite recipe that lists passion fruit or maracuja as an ingredient? You can also use an EAT ME granadilla. It will bring a boost of flavour to desserts and salads. Yoghurt and granadilla make a delicious duo. Or experiment by drizzling a granadilla dressing on French bread and salmon. Or simply spoon out the flesh and enjoy!


Enjoy the sweet pulp by slicing the granadilla in half and spooning out the flesh. You can also cook the fruit.

How to use granadilla in the kitchen?

  • Baking
  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender
Granadilla Half Topview
Granadilla Half Topview

Storage advice

You can store the EAT ME maracuja for longer if it is kept outside the fridge. Pay attention to the condition of the skin.

Where do maracujas come from?

The maracuja is an exotic fruit from South America, where the fruit is grown in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The special thing about a maracuja tree is that it bears fruit all through the season, starting 6-7 months after planting. By this time the trees are quite sizeable - up to a few metres high. As soon as the fruit turns from green to yellow on the tree, the growers start harvesting.

Granadilla - Where Did Granadilla Come From