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White or green, big or small

Asparagus is a vegetable that divides Western Europe. On one side the fans of white asparagus and on the other lovers of the green varieties - which is the colour of preference in most countries. Connoisseurs say that green asparagus has a richer flavour. But, at EAT ME, you can make up your own mind. The tastiest part of the asparagus is the top, the asparagus tip. In fact, asparagus tips are sold separately at EAT ME.

Product overview

Green asparagus

For more green appeal

Green mini asparagus

Mini size, maximum flavour
EAT ME Green Asparagus Tips Product photo

Green asparagus tips

The pinnacle of taste
EAT ME Witte Asperges product photo

White asparagus

The discovery of white gold in the kitchen!

White mini asparagus

The cream of the crop!