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Chilli peppers

Spice up the kitchen!

If the first thing you associate with chillies is ‘heat', you have come to the right place. The EAT ME product range even includes the world record holder among chilli peppers. But there are also milder tasting varieties. To make it easy to navigate the world of chillies, we've developed our own hot scale classification to indicate how hot - or not - a chilli is. A score of 0 is low threshold heat, but we advise you to use a chilli sparingly and carefully if it scores 10 on the scale!

Product overview

EAT ME Carolina Reaper Product photo

Carolina Reaper

The pepper that really is ‘hot’!
EAT ME Cayenne Pepper Product photo

Cayenne pepper

A true chilli, but a little milder
EAT ME Habanero Pepper Product photo


When the dish needs a blast of heat!
EAT ME Jalapeño Pepper Product photo


Spicy, but not the most spicy
EAT ME Naga Jalokia Product photo

Naga Jolokia

Almost the hottest!
EAT ME Padrone Product photo


A mild pepper
EAT ME Poblano Product photo

Poblano chilli

The look and feel of a sweet pepper!
EAT ME Rawit Product photo

Rawit pepper

Hot, hotter, hottest!
EAT ME Trinidad Scorpion Product photo

Trinidad Scorpion

The reigning vice champion of spice!