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In all shapes, sizes and flavours

Are you a huge berry fan? In that case, you've come to the right place at EAT ME. We have various berry varieties in our range. Familiar friends, such as blueberries and redcurrants. But also some more unusual varieties like the pineapple strawberry or raspberry strawberry.  And our berry range also includes the usual strawberries and raspberries. So plenty of choice if you fancy something different. Take your pick!

Product overview

Blue Berries Product Photo


You simply can't overindulge on blueberries!
EAT ME strawberries product photo


The epitome of summer, all year round
EAT Me Raspberries Product photo


A scrumptious treat from Mother Nature
EAT ME blackberries Product photo


Small but juicy


A wintry berry delicacy
Strassberry  Product photo

Raspberry strawberries

Is it a raspberry? Or a strawberry?
EAT ME Pineberries Product photo

Pineapple strawberries

An exotic berry that tastes like a pineapple
EAT ME Red currants Product photo


A berry that defines berries