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Pineapple strawberries

An exotic berry that tastes like a pineapple

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EAT ME Pineberries Product photo

Yes, the pineapple strawberry - or pineberry -really exists! It resembles a real strawberry, but with a creamy yellow colour. But the biggest surprise is inside. This berry really tastes like pineapple. And don't worry about the pale tint: EAT ME pineapple strawberries are perfectly ripe. The white to pale pink colour is typical of the fruit. Its appearance is precisely what makes it such a striking feature on the plate or as a garnish.

One bite is bound to convince you. An unparalleled taste sensation! That subtle, zingy sweet taste with an exotic accent is what makes the EAT ME pineapple strawberry one of the most exclusive fruits.


Let the pineapple strawberry shine by pairing it with an unexpected combination of ingredients. Heavenly in a chocolate fondue - why not? But it is equally at home in more humble dishes. Anything you can do with an ‘ordinary’ strawberry you can do with this berry too. Sliced on toast. Or as striking - and very tasty - garnish on a homemade cake.


Simply rinse the fruit before preparing. Eating them plain and simple is also an option, and otherwise add an exotic flavour to a salad. And these berries also often end up in the blender.

How to use pineapple strawberries in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender
Pineberry topview
Pineberry topview

Storage advice

Like strawberries, the fruit will last a few days longer if stored in the fridge.

Where do pineapple-strawberries come from?

EAT ME pineapple-strawberries, or pineberries, come from one country: Belgium. Belgian growers are true experts when it comes to growing this tasty but also responsible fruit. Growing the berries in neighbouring Belgium helps to limit the transport movements to our warehouse. So, the unique pineapple-strawberry is brought to your plate in a responsible way.