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Edible flowers

Sunshine on a plate!

Flowers you can eat? Yes! Not all flowers are edible, but there are still plenty of varieties that can be used in the kitchen. And, in fact, the flavour of some flowers is simply delectable. At EAT ME, we know precisely which varieties of flowers are edible and safe for you to serve. Using edible flowers not only adds an exclusive flavour to your dishes, used as a garnish their beautiful blooms bring a magical flourish of colour.

Product overview

EAT ME Borage Product photo


Sounds exclusive, tastes like...cucumber!
EAT ME Anjer Product photo Orange


Familiar flower adds flavour
EAT ME Calendula Product photo


A splash of orange
EAT ME Courgettebloem Product photo

Courgette flower

Eat the fruit and the flowers
EAT ME Driekleurig Viooltje Product photo

Tri-coloured pansy

Three in one makes a beautiful garnish
EAT ME Lavendel Product photo


Provence on your plate
EAT ME Daisies Product photo


Tiny but packed with taste
EAT ME Nasturtium Product photo


Vivid colours for the finishing touch
EAT ME Roses Product photo


A romantic gesture
EAT ME Sage Flower Product photo

Sage flowers

Unexpected success as an ingredient
EAT ME Tagetes Red Product photo


The garden plant that also flourishes in the kitchen