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Tiny but packed with taste

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EAT ME Daisies Product photo

Did you know that daises are edible? And they taste surprising good! Daisies are one of the few flowers you can safely pop into your mouth. They taste lovely, with a slightly spicy accent with a hint of nuttiness. The little green leaves can also be served. And do you want to serve a herbal tea with a twist? Then add some EAT ME edible daisies to the infusion.

But their greatest charm is their delightful appearance. Ideal to give dishes a splash of sunshine. Daisies have a bright yellow or white heart, filled with tiny seeds.


Use the daisies whole to keep their shape intact.

How to use daisies in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

EAT ME edible daisies stay fresh for longer if stored in the fridge.

Where do edible daisies come from?

EAT ME sources its daisies from growers in Israel.