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Vivid colours for the finishing touch

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EAT ME Nasturtium Product photo

Do you really want your dish to be a show stopper? Serve a flower with it. And what better choice than the nasturtium if you want to add some peppery flavour too. Nasturtiums are not just natural beauties; their flowers also have a very distinctive taste. Spicy and peppery, with hints of radish and mustard. That makes EAT ME edible nasturtiums much more than just a garnish.

The flowers come in a trio of vivid hues: yellow, orange and red. And don't discard the green leaves on the stem: you can eat them too. Throwing them away is a shame because they are rich in vitamin C.


To preserve the beautiful shape of the flower, don't rinse EAT ME edible nasturtiums. The flowers are not really suitable for use in cocktails and other drinks.

How to use nasturtium in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

EAT ME edible nasturtium is best stored in the fridge.

Where does the edible nasturtium come from?

We source the flowers from our growers from Israel.