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Provence on your plate

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EAT ME Lavendel Product photo

Lavender is synonymous with Provence in the south of France. However, the vast fields full of purple flowers are not just a delight during the holidays. Lavender also comes into its own in the kitchen: as an edible flower. What does it taste like? That depends on the variety. Although all lavender varieties are edible, they do not all taste the same: some are sweet, others have a more bitter edge.

The sweeter flavoured varieties make a wonderful ingredient in desserts. The young leaves are mainly used in salads. But be careful how much you use. Lavender has a very pronounced aroma, which is why it is an integral ingredient in the cosmetics industry.


The delicate lavender flowers do not like to be rinsed. This will spoil their lovely shape.

How to use lavender in the kitchen?

  • In salads

Storage advice

EAT ME edible lavender is best stored in the fridge.

Where does edible lavender come from?

The South of France? No. These edible flowers are produced by growers in Israel!