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A splash of orange

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EAT ME Calendula Product photo

Do you have a dish that needs a splash of colour? And can it be orange? Then choose the edible EAT ME calendula. An absolute beauty to behold, with bright orange petals. Its versatility makes calendula very popular in a variety of dishes that can benefit from some cheerful brilliance. The multitude of orange petals surrounding the yellow centre will melt every heart.

But don't be so dazzled by the beauty that you forget to taste: this flower is also edible. Calendula has a subtle flavour, but with clear tones of pepper. Both the flower and the striking leaves are edible. And did you know you can cook the calendula flower without it losing its shape?


No washing is required. The calendula is a flower that easily retains its original shape. Even after cooking!

How to use calendula in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

Calendula is best stored in the fridge.

Where do edible calendulas come from?

Calendula flowers are produced by our growers in Israel.