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Sounds exclusive, tastes like...cucumber!

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EAT ME Borage Product photo

The name borage has a stylish ring. But maybe you also know this flower under another of its names: star flower. These star shaped blooms have with a mild cucumber flavour, that also tastes sweet. You can eat borage flowers as they are, the blooms and the young leaves are edible. But it is the green leaves that are mostly eaten.

 The attractive borage flowers are a striking way to decorate a dish. The vibrant, purple-blue flowers transform your dish into a work of art. EAT ME borage flowers have pointed petals arranged in a star-like shape around a white heart and contrast beautifully with the black anthers.


Take care not to damage the shape of EAT ME borage flowers. There is no need to rinse them before use.

How to use borage in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

The best way to store borage is in the fridge.

Where does edible borage come from?

Our borage is grown in Israel.