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Familiar flower adds flavour

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There are few other edible flowers with such a characteristic flavour as the carnation. The best description is peppery and spicy. With a little imagination it offers a taste reminiscent of clove and nutmeg. Others describe EAT ME carnations as having a sharper taste.

Whichever way, its unique profile makes it a tasty addition to your dish, but above all a decorative and stylish garnish. The ubiquitous carnation is a flower with almost classical status. This makes it perfect to add distinction to the presentation of your dishes. EAT ME has carnations in pink, purple and white so there is sure to be a suitable colour.

Recipes with carnation

Thanks to its mildly spicy flavour, the carnation offers more than just an embellishment. The petals are a surprising and tasty ingredient in a salad or with rice or pasta.


Edible flowers do not like being rinsed. To retain their shape, use the petals as they are.

How to use carnation in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

Store edible carnations in the fridge.

Where do edible carnations come from?

Edible carnations are produced by our growers in Israel.