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Tri-coloured pansy

Three in one makes a beautiful garnish

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EAT ME Driekleurig Viooltje Product photo

The cheerful little pansy is a top spring seller at all garden centres. But did you know you can use these pretty pansies in the kitchen too? The EAT ME range offers the edible variant of the tri-coloured pansy. The three colours make the flower an even more attractive decoration to upgrade your culinary dishes.

And not just the appearance. Edible violets have a delicate flavour that is similar to lettuce. This makes them ideal to combine as an ingredient in a variety of recipes. EAT ME has edible pansies in a range of colours.

Recipes with tri-coloured pansy

The tri-colour pansy may be dainty in size, but it works well in a whole host of dishes Beautiful: a few crystallised flowers to grace a home-baked cake. Decorative: to add colour to a coconut bowl. Full of flavour: an exciting element in a plum salad.


To retain the shape, there is no need to rinse EAT ME pansies.

How to use tri-coloured pansy in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

Edible flowers keep fresh for longer if stored in the fridge.

Where do edible pansies come from?

EAT ME edible pansies come from Israel.