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Asian leafy vegetables

The tips from Asian chefs

At EAT ME we come across many little-known vegetables on our culinary voyages of discovery. Asian countries have their own preferences and favourites when it comes to leafy vegetables. Some of them, like paksoy, are already familiar. But if you look a further, there are many more typical and unusual Asian leafy vegetables. These varieties can be prepared just as easily and bring a taste of the orient to your dish.

Product overview

EAT ME Paksoi Product photo

Shanghai paksoy

Smaller with stunning leaves
EAT ME Mini Paksoi Product photo

Mini paksoy

Mini format with maxi taste
EAT ME Amsoi Product photo


The spicy leafy vegetable from China
EAT ME Choisam Product photo


The paksoy lookalike
EAT ME Kaichoi Product photo


A hint of mustard
EAT ME Kailan Product photo


Tastes like broccoli