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Shanghai paksoy

Smaller with stunning leaves

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Shanghai paksoy is one of the varieties of this Chinese leafy vegetable that you can find at EAT ME. What is the difference with the ‘ordinary’ paksoy? That difference is mainly the size. Shanghai paksoy is similar to mini paksoy. EAT ME Shanghai paksoy has stems and leaves that wrap and fold around each other.

In terms of taste, it resembles cabbage, with a firm leaf structure. Asian dishes often feature the Shanghai variant.

Recipes with Shanghai paksoy

A Chinese leafy vegetable like EAT ME Shanghai paksoy is an essential ingredient in many oriental stir-fries. But let vegetables take the starring role occasionally: grilled on the barbecue. Served with chicken breast, you will bring a taste of the orient to your table. And are you in for a smoothie with a difference? Shanghai paksoy and mango are a very surprising couple.


Remove the outer leaves of Shanghai paksoy. Then slice the leaves and wash them. To retain the taste and texture better, just briefly stir-fry the leaves

How to use Shanghai paksoy in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • BBQ
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry

Storage advice

The fresh leaves of Shanghai paksoy stay fresh for longer in the fridge.

Where does Shanghai paksoy come from?

China is the obvious answer. Well, they did originally. Today this leafy vegetable is grown in Europe, in countries such as the Netherlands and Spain. That is where you will find the growers of EAT ME Shanghai paksoy. They have to work fast! Seeds are sown that grow into plants that are ready to harvest after 3-4 weeks. At least, in summer. During winter with low light levels, it can take 3 months before growers can harvest the leaves.

Shanghai paksoi - Where is shanghai Paksoi grown?