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Raspberry strawberries

Is it a raspberry? Or a strawberry?

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Strassberry  Product photo

Do you really want to serve up something special? The raspberry-strawberry is a remarkable fruit from nature's kitchen. It looks like a hybrid of the two fruits, with deeply indented seeds on the outside.

The amazing bright red hue of the EAT ME raspberry-strawberry makes a stylish and colourful statement in every dish. And it tastes as great as it looks. Are you a sweet fruit lover? Then you will just love the raspberry-strawberry. It has a much sweeter taste than the strawberry. They are available from April to November, so enjoy them for quite a while.


An exclusive product like the raspberry-strawberry also deserves an exclusive recipe. (Although there is nothing to stop you enjoying them raw and unadorned!) They are perfect for all those dishes when home cooks want to really steal the show. Or professional chefs, because the berry is popular in the hospitality sector. Raspberry-strawberries are an excellent choice to lift salads to the next dimension.


The EAT ME is raspberry-strawberry may well be exclusive, preparing it is easy. Simply remove the crown and rinse the fruits.

How to use raspberry strawberries in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender

Storage advice

The same advice applies to this fruit as for raspberries and strawberries; store in the fridge to enjoy it for a few days longer.

Where do our raspberry strawberries grow?

Our raspberry strawberries are grown very close to home: our growers are found in the Netherlands and Belgium. Being that local reduces a lot of transport movements for fragile fruits like these.