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Poblano chilli

The look and feel of a sweet pepper!

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EAT ME Poblano Product photo

Is it a mini sweet pepper? Or is it really a chilli pepper? Yes, it really is a chilli pepper, but with its flavour you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. It has a mild taste. A hint of hotness, but it is also reminiscent of a sweet pepper. This means the poblano is used as a versatile ingredient in many dishes. You can use poblanos fresh, but also in dried form.

But then it has another name - ancho. The poblano is actually an unripe variant. The poblano has become known as a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine, where the roots of the pepper can also be found. It is often found in the traditional mole marinades and sauces in Mexico.


The size of the EAT ME poblano makes it an ideal pepper for stuffing. Also, its mild heat intensity will not burn your tongue. Why not use some seasoned minced meat? Are you preparing a Mexican dish? Then you will probably be using the poblano.


Chilli peppers like the poblano are easy to prepare. Simply wash and finely slice or chop. Then you can bake, stir-fry, cook or grill it on the barbecue.

How to use poblano in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • BBQ
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry

Storage advice

Store EAT ME poblano chilli peppers in the fridge.

Where do poblano chilli peppers come from?

Poblano peppers are grown in Spain and in the Netherlands.