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Is it a melon? Is it a cucumber? No, it’s a kiwano!

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EAT ME Kiwano Product photo

The kiwano is one of the strangest looking exotics in the EAT ME range. This little fruit has even earned itself a distinctive nickname: horned melon. You can understand why when you see one: the oval fruits are covered with tiny, spiky horns. These fruits share their slightly sweet taste with melons, however they are members of the cucumber family.

You can find EAT ME kiwanos in the shops in the colour range green-orange to bright orange. The jelly-like flesh is revealed when you slice open the fruit. It is pale green in colour and full of small, edible seeds. The flavour balances between mildly sweet and refreshing. The best way to describe it is a cocktail of melon, banana and cucumber.

Recipes with Kiwano

A fruit like the EAT ME kiwano is perfect for all recipes that need exotic fruits. Liven up your salad, make yoghurt a little more adventurous or make kiwano-mousse. It can also be blended.


Cleaning is a breeze for a fruit that looks quite intimidating. Slice the kiwano in half and spoon out the jelly-like flesh and seeds. Mixed in a blender or added to a salad are the most popular uses.

How to use kiwano in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender
Kiwano Half Topview
Kiwano Half Topview

Storage advice

Kiwanos can be easily kept for a few days but store them outside the fridge.

Where do kiwanos come from?

EAT ME kiwanos come from Ecuador and France. The fruit belongs to the cucumber family. First, seeds are sown, which grow into a mature plant in about 6 weeks. These are transplanted to the open field, where the plants develop long vines. At this stage, the plants closely resemble cucumber plants. The fruit can be harvested 4-5 months later.