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Medjool dates

The king of the dates

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It's pretty special if the name of a variety is used as a brand name. That is exactly what happened to the Medjool date, the gold standard for quality in the market. Some even call it the ‘king of the dates’. Medjool dates are extremely sweet and have tender flesh. The taste is reminiscent of honey and the texture is similar to caramel. You eat the fruit skin and all, without the stone.

Dates are exotic fruits with a centuries-long history, dating back to Greek and Roman times. Did you know that the date is the fruit that naturally contains the most sugar? Make sure the Medjool dates have reached the right stage of ripeness. Dates that are not perfectly ripe can still be eaten, but the honey-like sweetness has not yet fully developed.


Dates are used in many dishes with a Middle Eastern origin. They are often combined with spicy and salty flavours. But they make a perfect taste sensation with Dutch or French cream cheese. And a classic dish: dates in a salad.


Slice the EAT ME Medjool date in half to remove the stone. Then slice the fruit into pieces and use in the recipe of your choice, or stuff the date.

How to use dates in the kitchen?

  • Grill
  • In salads
  • As a snack

Storage advice

The best way to retain the flavour is in the fridge

Nutritional values per 100 grams

139 kcal
31,3 g carbohydrates
0,1 g fats
0 g saturated fats
3,6 g fiber

Do you think strong teeth are important? That's an extra reason to eat dates, the fruits are a source of vitamin C that ensures strong teeth. The date is also a source of copper. This promotes the normal pigmentation of your hair and skin.

Where do Medjool dates come from?

You'll find our growers in Israel, the United States and Mexico.

Medjoul Dates - Where Do Medjoul Dates Come From