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Mini sweet corn

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The sweet corn plant produces quite large cobs, but there are also varieties grown specifically to be small. And size is what makes EAT ME mini corn such an arresting element on a plate. It is also a perfect decoration to garnish a range of dishes. The mirror image of a large corn cob, but with a maximum length of 9-10 cm

It's not just the size that distinguishes mini corn from the ordinary varieties. Try one and be amazed by the tenderness. The crunchy bite goes hand in hand with the sweetest taste ever. Mini sweet corn is harvested very early. The growers harvest the baby cobs just 1-2 days after a new leaf with a cob has appeared.

Recipes with mini sweet corn

Mini sweet corn is too nice to restrict to just recipes with corn on the list of ingredients. Its size cries out for more imaginative uses. Crispy fried mini corn is a surprising snack. Or threaded onto a skewer and grilled on the barbecue.


Simply wash the mini corn before preparation, such as cooking or stir-frying.

How to use mini sweet corn in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry
Baby corn Topview
Baby corn Topview

Storage advice

Mini sweet corn is best stored in the fridge.

Where does mini sweet corn come from?

EAT ME mini sweet corn comes from Thailand, India and Mozambique. These countries have warm climates, so the corn grows to a length of 9-10 cm in no time. The growers can start to harvest the mini sweet corn about 7 weeks after planting. Mini sweet corn is straight and tapers to a pointed tip. It is covered with tiny kernels.