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Mini patty pans

Are they really edible?

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The answer might be no at first glance, but don't be mistaken. The patty pan, here in mini variant, is a very welcome exotic addition to the menu! Because of its neutral flavour, it is easily combined with many other ingredients. And its charming shape is all part of its appeal.

EAT ME mini patty pans are available in yellow and green. The shape is reminiscent of a pumpkin.


It's not easy to go wrong with the neutral flavour of the mini patty pan. It makes a stylish accompaniment to beef tournedos and is equally at home with fish dishes. And its striking appearance makes it the obvious choice as a side dish.


Mini patty pans are not complicated to prepare. Simply wash and remove the stalk. Using them whole is the best way. They can be cooked, baked in the oven with other ingredients, stir-fried or added to a salad.

How to use mini patty pans in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Grill
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry
Mini Patty Pans Frontview
Mini Patty Pans Frontview

Storage advice

EAT ME mini patty pans stay fresh for longer if stored in the fridge.

Where do mini patty pans come from?

Growers of mini patty pans can be found in South Africa.