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Mini aubergines

A deep purple gem

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Many everyday vegetables suddenly transform into something special when you present them in a mini variant. Take the mini aubergine, which is usually a large vegetable. The mini version is perfect to stuff with other ingredients, for example. But in all other respects it's exactly like the large aubergine with its wonderful, glossy purple skin.

The flesh of the EAT ME mini aubergine is soft and juicy. The great advantage of aubergines is their neutral flavour that is an excellent carrier of the flavours of other ingredients. This makes aubergines extremely versatile. The cuisine typical to southern Europe certainly has many winning ways with aubergine.

Recipes with mini aubergines

Mini aubergine can be used in all dishes that use normal size aubergines. It tastes lovely grilled, or delicious in casseroles and stews. And its handy size makes it perfect to stuff as a change.


Rinse the mini aubergine and slice off the green top. There's no need to peel it, simply slice or cube the flesh as required. Or leave it whole. The mini aubergine can be fried and stir-fried. Or baked in the oven.

How to use mini aubergines in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • BBQ
Mini Eggplant Topview
Mini Eggplant Topview

Storage advice

EAT ME mini aubergines are best stored in the fridge.

Where do mini aubergines come from?

The tastiest mini aubergines come from South Africa.