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Avocado slicer

The handy 4-in-1 kitchen tool

Are you a fan of the ready-to-eat EAT ME avocado, the versatile ingredient that stars in so many fabulous dishes? Then here is a very handy tool that's perfect for every kitchen: the avocado slicer. And it is so much safer than messing around with a sharp kitchen knife!

In fact, the avocado slicer goes beyond just slicing. This handy kitchen utensil can be used to open, de-stone, slice and scoop out the avocado flesh! Of course, you can use a knife to prepare avocado. But the unique avocado slicer makes this a lot easier and safer. No mess, no fuss. The non-slip handle keeps your grip on the slicer firm and in control. And because avocados differ in size, the EAT ME avocado slicer has been designed with this in mind.

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How to cut an avocado?