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EAT ME Galanga Product photo

Chances are you've never heard of it. But don't let that stop you giving EAT ME galanga a chance to shine on your table! What it is? It is a tuberous vegetable that mainly owes its popularity to widespread use in Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai cuisine. Officially it is the root of the laos plant. The galanga has a family member that is much more familiar: ginger. Maybe its knobbly shape already gave you a clue.

Galanga also compares to ginger in terms of taste. Quite a similar flavour but with peppery and citrusy accents. This gives galanga several layers of taste, from bitter and sour to pungent It also has a very tempting aroma: pleasant with a top note of spice. The roots are lumpy and vary in colour from white yellow to pale pink.


Do you use ginger in herbal tea? Do it differently: galanga tea! The rich, deep flavour of galanga also tastes brilliant in chicken broth. And your Thai curry will taste even better if you make your own curry paste using EAT ME galanga.


The galanga only needs to be sliced. The whole root can be used, but cut it into small slices or chunks first. It will soften faster during the cooking or baking process.

How to use galanga in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Stir-fry

Storage advice

Galanga keeps fresh for longer in the fridge.

Where does galanga come from?

EAT ME galanga is grown in Thailand.