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The revival of heirloom vegetables

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EAT ME Turnip Product photo

The turnip is a familiar face to members of the older generation. It was once a true spring vegetable, but its culinary history dates back much further. The turnip was a favourite of the ancient Greeks. Turnips have a distinctive and instantly recognisable flavour. Sharp, spicy and with a pleasant bitterness. Despite their lovely flavour, turnips were destined to fade deeper into the background. At best deemed just good enough to feed cattle.

But, turnips are experiencing a bit of a revival today! In the wake of many other heirloom vegetables, turnips are making a comeback on the menu. And they are no longer just a spring vegetable. You can put EAT ME turnips on the table all year round. Their striking purple, pink and white hues stand out on the vegetable shelf. You can't fail to miss them!

Recipes with turnip

In a nostalgic mood? Cookery books are full of grandmother’s recipes that feature turnips. Casseroles, mashes and stews for example. But you can bring turnips right up to date in recipes such as quiche, turnip fries or an unexpected combination with honey and hazelnuts!


To prepare EAT ME turnips, give them a rinse then trim away the top and base. The turnip can now be peeled and cut into slices or cubes. Cook, fry or bake in the oven, it's up to you.

How to use turnip in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • In salads

Storage advice

The earlier popularity of turnips is logical. Turnips have a very long storage life, but they are best kept in the fridge.

Where do turnips come from?

EAT ME turnips come from France.