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The melon pear

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EAT ME Pepino Product photo

If you are looking for exotic fruits, then EAT ME has some exceptional ones in its range. The pepino is a good example. It is an oval-shaped fruit with distinctive purple-brown stripes on the skin. In terms of shape, the pepino is comparable to an apple, but the flavour is reminiscent of a cross between a melon and a pear. This also explains why it is sometimes referred to as a melon pear.

In size, the pepino also compares to a melon: the oval fruits can be as much as 10-20 centimetres long, with a diameter of 5-10 centimetres. The skin is remarkably thin. If you have bought a pepino and want to check its ripeness, simply squeeze it.

Recipes with pepino

Not a pizza pepperoni, but a pizza pepino: what do you think? This is one of the more adventurous uses of the melon pear. For something even more exotic, you can bake the fruit. It makes a delicious accompaniment for cod fillet. But you can always decide just to use the pepino in a salad.


Preparation is not difficult. Slice the fruit vertically in half. Remove the seeds in the centre and slice the flesh. Or simply spoon out the flesh. It's up to you. The thin skin is not usually eaten. The pepino is incredibly versatile. It can be fried or baked!

How to use pepino in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Grill
  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender

Storage advice

Pepino can be stored for a few days in the fridge.

Where do pepinos come from?

Our EAT ME pepinos are grown in Ecuador.

Pepino - Where Does Pepino Come From