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The green vitamin bomb

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With its oval shape and brown, hairy skin, there is no mistaking the kiwi! And kiwis are among the most widely eaten exotic fruits. That's easy to see why, a ripe kiwi is irresistible! Scoop the flesh out of the skin with a spoon or use in a recipe: a kiwi is a taste explosion on your tongue. And certainly if it comes from EAT ME. The core is soft, so you can spoon out the flesh and enjoy at once.

The brown skin hides vivid green flesh, with a white core and speckled with tiny black seeds. These seeds are edible. The flesh balances in flavour between pleasantly sweet and a hint of sour. And a kiwi is really good for your health: 100 grams of kiwi already contain 29% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C (the flesh of one fruit weighs 80 grams on average).

When is a kiwi ripe?

Difficult to judge if the fruit is ripe enough to eat? Kiwis with an EAT ME label are always ready to eat. They arrive green in the Netherlands and then receive a special treatment in our ripening chambers. Just as long - or short - as it takes until the entire batch has a soft core and is super tasty.

Recipes with kiwi

Nothing can beat spooning soft and tender kiwi flesh out now and again. But if you are in a creative mood in the kitchen, the kiwi is your friend. For example, as an ingredient in a brightly coloured coconut bowl. And have you ever tried kiwi bread? You can also keep things simple: kiwis are perfect to join other fruit in a fruit salad.


An EAT ME kiwi is easy to prepare. Do you want to eat the fruit as it is as a quick and healthy snack? Simply slice in half and spoon out the flesh. Otherwise, peel one and cut the tasty flesh into slices or chunks. Real health fans eat them with skin and all: the skin contains fibres.

How to use kiwi in the kitchen?

  • In salads
  • As a snack
  • In the blender
Kiwi Half Topview
Kiwi Half Topview

Storage advice

You can store your ripe fruit in the fridge for a few days.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

62 kcal
10,8 g carbohydrates
0,8 g fats
0 g saturated fats
2,3 g fiber

Kiwis are rich in vitamin C, which is a very important building block for the human body. Sufficient vitamin C can help strengthen the walls of your blood vessels, support your energy levels and it's important for your gums. Kiwis are also a source of potassium. And that in turn is good for your blood pressure and the functioning of your muscles. Your nervous system also benefits from potassium.

Where do kiwis come from?

The most immediate association with the word kiwi is perhaps New Zealand, the country where a lot of fruit is grown. EAT ME kiwis come from other countries, especially South America and South Europe. The fruits grow on vines. It takes the plants 3 years to produce kiwis for the first time. Especially for EAT ME, the growers harvest them a little later than usual. This increases the so-called ‘brix value’, or the natural sugar content in the fruit.

How does a kiwi grow? Kiwi cultivation photo