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Haricots verts

The beans of haute cuisine

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The name haricot vert hints at exclusivity, which is perfectly right: they are very young green beans with a little more flavour. Intense, but refined at the same time. Ideal for the French cuisine that gives this vegetable its name. Haricot verts are long, slender beans that are always straight. EAT ME haricots verts are supremely suited for the classic preparation encased in a slice of thin bacon.

Recipes with haricots verts

Of course, you regularly use EAT ME haricots verts in the classic combination wrapped in bacon. But this all-rounder in the kitchen is also ideal for a huge variety of other dishes that use beans. Why not be adventurous and use haricots verts in more exotic dishes? It makes a great ingredient in a vegetarian spring roll or to accompany salmon, with lime and almonds.


Preparing haricot verts is easy: rinse the beans, trim the ends and then boil, steam or stir fry as you like. Prefer a little more flavour and bite? Keep the cooking time short.

How to use haricots verts in the kitchen?

  • Baking
  • Grill
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry
  • Microwave
Haricot Vert  Topview
Haricot Vert  Topview

Storage advice

EAT ME haricots verts keep well when stored in the fridge.

Nutritional values per 100 grams

25 kcal
1,8 g carbohydrates
0,2 g fats
0,1 g saturated fats
3,6 g fiber

Where do haricots verts come from?

The French name might suggest otherwise but EAT ME sources its haricots verts from Africa. In countries like Kenya, Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia to be precise. That's why you can enjoy haricots verts 12 months a year. The vegetable starts life as a seed. About one and a half to two months after sowing, it is already ready for harvesting. Haricots verts are always picked in the early morning, when it is still nice and cool in the fields.

Haricots Verts - Where Did Haricots Verts Come From