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Pepino is a yellow oval shaped fruit with purple brown stripes about as big as an apple. The flesh is yellow, juicy and soft. There are lots of small seeds in the centre of the fruit. Because of the sweet fresh taste the fruit is also called melon-pear. The skin and the seeds are not edible.
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Pepino tips

How to cut a Pepino?

Slice the fruit vertically in half. Remove the seeds in the centre. Cut the pepino in slices or scoop the flesh out.
The skin doesn’t usually get eaten.

Preparation Tips

Pepino - Cook Pepino - Bake Pepino - Oven Pepino - Microwave Pepino - BBQ Pepino - Salad Pepino - Snack Pepino - Wok Pepino - Blender Pepino - Fryer Pepino - Drink
temp of Pepino

How to store?

Pepino is kept in the fridge.

  • A fresh addition to your salad.
  • Delicious fried as a side dish with fish.
  • Nice: pepino pastry.

Origin EAT ME Pepino

Pepino - EcuadorEcuador

Where to buy

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