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Picnic recipes

Let's be honest, if there is one thing that makes enjoying food extra fun, it is eating outside. Out and about in your walking boots, on your bike or by car. Why not take your picnic basket along, and find a gorgeous quiet spot in nature for your temporary dining room? But what will you put in your picnic basket? How about something different, instead of the regular sandwiches and buns? EAT ME is all for it!

True outdoor enthusiasts as we are, we also love a fun picnic. But we do like a picnic with a twist. Because if the spot where you eat is special, so should the contents of your picnic basket be. And you don't actually have to spend much time on prepping. It's easy to create a feast with our exotic fruit and vegetables. Here, you will find picnic recipes that you can prepare in an jiffy. We hope you enjoy your time outdoors. And don't forget sunscreen!