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Traditional Dutch yoghurt dish with mango and maracuja

Treat yourself to this extra tasty breakfast. Prepare this typically Dutch dish of strained yoghurt the night before so it’s ready to eat in the morning.

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Traditional Dutch yoghurt dish with mango and maracuja

Preparation method

  1. Place a clean, moistened tea towel in a sieve or colander and place above a bowl. Pour the yoghurt into the tea towel. Transfer to the fridge for 8 hours so the liquid can drain from the yoghurt.
  2. Cut the mango into two halves along the stone. Score each half into squares without cutting through the skin. Turn out the halves with your thumb and slice off the cubes. Or use a mango slicer. Reserve half of the cubes. Purée the rest with the hand blender.
  3. Halve the maracuja. Scoop the flesh out of the skin with a spoon and mix with the mango purée.
  4. Divide half the thickened yoghurt over 4 glasses or bowls. Divide the mango cubes over the yoghurt. Add another layer of yoghurt and top with the mango purée. Garnish with the coconut flakes and the nuts.


  1. Variation tip: Like your yoghurt really creamy? Beat 250 ml of whipping cream stiff with the mixer. Fold the cream as lightly as possible through the thickened yoghurt.

Nutrition value per person/bite

790 kcal
32 g
49 g
20 g
50 g
45 g
7 g

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