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Festive fruit bowl

Go to town with a spectacular fruit platter! Perfect as dessert, a side dish at a barbecue or as a healthy dish to snack from.

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Preparation method

  1. Cut the mango into two halves along the stone. Score each half into squares without cutting through the skin. Turn each half inside out to create a 'hedgehog’. Cut the pitahaya in half, or cut into strips.
  2. Halve the strawberries and passion fruit. Use the tip of a sharp knife to make small zig-zag cuts along the middle of the kiwi fruit to the centre. Carefully separate the 2 halves. Fold open the physalis. Arrange the fruit attractively on a large platter.


  1. Tip: Make this platter even more of a luxury by adding 3 or 4 EAT ME mangosteens!

Nutrition value per person/bite

155 kcal
2 g
1 g
0 g
32 g
30 g
5 g

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