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Sharon fruit carpaccio with pomegranate

Prepare an attractive salad with a surprising flavour for a dinner party or barbecue. Sharon fruit has a wonderful, deep orange colour and makes a stunning eye-catcher if you slice it. Serve this salad on special plates for an extra wow factor.

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Sharon fruit carpaccio with pomegranate

  • 1 pomegranate
  • 4 Sharonfruit
  • 50 g red salad leaves
  • 50 g lamb's lettuce
  • 10 g fresh mint
  • 50 g pistachio nuts
  • 1 buffalo mozzarella (250 g)
  • 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tbsp raspberry vinegar
  • salt and pepper

Preparation method

  1. Cut off the top of the pomegranate. Cut through the shell at the segments and break the fruit open. Remove the seeds. Divide the red salad leaves, lamb's lettuce, mint leaves and pomegranate seeds over 4 plates. Thinly slice the sharon fruit and arrange over the salad.

        Roughly chop the pistachio              nuts. Break the mozzarella              into small chunks and divide            over the salad. Add the                  pistachio nuts. Combine the            olive oil and vinegar into a              dressing. Add some                        pomegranate juice and                    season with salt and pepper.            Drizzle the dressing over the            salad.

Nutrition value per person/bite

460 kcal
13 g
30 g
11 g
33 g
29 g
3 g

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