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Mini courgette

The baby of the family

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Say courgette and you see a large vegetable. That is what makes the mini variant of this popular vegetable so distinct. A small version of the familiar large courgette, but in miniature it makes a dazzling - and tasty - decoration.

Courgettes are already very popular vegetables. Their neutral flavour makes them a much-loved ingredient in many dishes. Do you want to attract even more attention with mini courgettes on the menu? They also come in yellow!

Recipes with mini courgette

Courgettes are an incredibly versatile vegetable. Their neutral flavour combines well with many other ingredients. You can create a surprising Italian oven dish with them. Or prefer a more exclusive dish? Then put salmon fillet with limequats and mini courgettes on the menu. The fun size of mini courgette makes them the ideal partner for grilling with mini carrots.


Simply wash mini courgettes before use. Then use as you wish, preferably whole: cooked, baked or stir-fried, on the barbecue or through your salad.

How to use mini courgette in the kitchen?

  • Cooking
  • Grill
  • BBQ
  • In salads
  • Stir-fry
Mini Zucchini Topview
Mini Zucchini Topview

Storage advice

EAT ME mini courgettes stay fresh for longer if stored in the fridge.

Where do mini courgettes come from?

We grow our mini courgettes in South Africa and Portugal.