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  • Red pitahaya

  • Red pitahaya

Red pitahayas are oval shaped cactus fruit with a pink-reddish colour. The scaly skin has green protrusions that fold delicately around the fruit. the red pitayaha has red or white flesh (depending on the variety) and contains many small edible seeds. A red pitayaha has a slightly sweet flavour.
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Red pitahaya tips

When ripe?

A red pitayaha is ripe when the skin is light red to red. The way to test if the pitayaha is ripe, is to press the skin lightly with your finger. If the fruit gives a little it is ripe. You can peel the red pitayah like a banana. The flesh needs to be firm and white.
temp of Red pitahaya

Storage advice

Red pitayaha is best kept in the fridge.

How to cut a red pitahaya?

Cut the fruit vertically in half and slice or scoop the flesh out. The skin is not to be eaten.

Preparation Tips

Red pitahaya - Cook Red pitahaya - Bake Red pitahaya - Oven Red pitahaya - Microwave Red pitahaya - BBQ Red pitahaya - Salad Red pitahaya - Snack Red pitahaya - Wok Red pitahaya - Blender Red pitahaya - Fryer Red pitahaya - Drink
  • Delicious in (fruit)salads.
  • Make pitahaya jelly.
  • Great to stuff or use pieces to decorate with.

Origin EAT ME Red pitahaya

Red pitahaya - IsraelIsrael Red pitahaya - ThailandThailand Red pitahaya - VietnamVietnam

Did you know...

  • The plant is related to the cactus family and can endure very high temperatures (to 40 °C !).

  • The French introduced the fruit in Vietnam at the beginning of the 20th century.

Where to buy

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