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Rambutan is a small round fruit the size of a lychee with thin leathery skin.The skin is covered with soft small spikes that are green to dark red. The firm, white flesh is juicy and has a lovely sweet taste. Every rambutan has a large inedible seed.
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Rambutan tips

How to prepare rambutan?

Score the fruit right around and remove the skin. There is a hard seed in the fruit.

Preparation Tips

Rambutan  - Cook Rambutan  - Bake Rambutan  - Oven Rambutan  - Microwave Rambutan  - BBQ Rambutan  - Salad Rambutan  - Snack Rambutan  - Wok Rambutan  - Blender Rambutan  - Fryer Rambutan  - Drink
temp of Rambutan

How to store rambutan?

Keep rambutan in the fridge.

  • An exciting addition to a salad.
  • Lovely in salsas and jams or chutneys.
  • Make sweets from rambutan, chocolate and coconut.

Origin EAT ME Rambutan

Rambutan  - IndonesiaIndonesia Rambutan  - MalaysiaMalaysia Rambutan  - ThailandThailand Rambutan  - VietnamVietnam

Did you know...

  • rambutans grow in warm tropical climates on a tree in bunches of 5 to 20 pieces.
    A rambutan tree can grow up to 20 meters in height.

  • the name rambutan comes from the Malaysian word 'rambut' which means hair.

  • this fruit has been used for hundreds of years as a traditional medicine for diabetes, nausea and headaches.

  • rambutans are harvested with more fruit left on the branches. This way the rambutan is less prone to be damaged and will stay fresh much longer. 

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