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  • Green asparagus

Green asparagus are light green straight fibrous stems. In general the tips of the asparagus are firm and closed. Asparagus have a characteristically full flavour.
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Asparagus is a member of the lily family, which also includes onion, leek and garlic. Of all asparagus varieties, green asparagus has the fullest, slightly bitter, flavour. Another advantage green asparagus has over other asparagus is the fact that it doesn't need to be peeled. In addition, thanks to its full flavour it is extremely versatile.
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Green asparagus tips

How to prepare green asparagus?

In comparison to the white asparagus, you don't need to peel them. Cut the end (1-2 cm) off and the asparagus are ready to cook, wok, bake or grill. The taste and texture are best preserved if the preparation time is quick. Green asparagus can be eaten warm or cold.


Preparation Tips

Green asparagus - Cook Green asparagus - Bake Green asparagus - Oven Green asparagus - Microwave Green asparagus - BBQ Green asparagus - Salad Green asparagus - Snack Green asparagus - Wok Green asparagus - Blender Green asparagus - Fryer Green asparagus - Drink
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How to store?

You can keep them in the fridge, in a damp cloth for a few days.


  • Perfect for a wok or couscous recipe
  • Great with puff pastry and ham
  • Ideal as a soup

Nutritional values per 100 g

19 Kcal
0,0 g Fats
0,0 g Saturated fats
1,7 g Fibers

Green asparagus have a low energy value. They are a source of folic acid and rich in fibres.


Origin EAT ME Green asparagus

Green asparagus - MexicoMexico Green asparagus - PeruPeru

Did you know...

  • the green asparagus grow above ground. They owe their green colour to the photosynthesis process. A substance, called chlorophyll is created through the sunlight and this colours the stems green.

  • you can check to see if the asparagus are fresh by rubbing them together. If they squeak, they are fresh.

  • asparagus can grow very fast in the summer months. Therefore green asparagus are sometimes harvested twice a day.

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Better qualtiy of public education in Ica, Peru
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