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Treat yourself to exotic fruits and vegetables

We all know that you eat to provide your body with important nutrients. But eating can also be a real treat. There is a whole world of products out there to please your palate (and your health): exotic fruits and vegetables. With our EAT ME assortment, we bring this world to you, with pleasure, so you can always try something new.

Let's be honest, eating fruit is a real treat. But if you really want to indulge, an everyday banana or apple is probably not what you are after. Our EAT ME range has lots of delicious fruit varieties. With products that stand for 'Proper Indulgence'. Flavours you have never tasted before. Exotic fruits that are sweeter than sweet. Or vegetables with highly surprising preparation options.

Indulgence starts with quality

You will only be able to spoil yourself if you are sure of the taste of a product. That is why EAT ME is very critical of the quality of the products we buy. It follows that we work in close cooperation with the growers of our exotic fruit and vegetables. They know exactly how to grow the very best quality. Or what the perfect moment is to pick a fruit from the bush. (That is why, for example, we always harvest avocados two weeks later than usual. This gives our avocados an extra creamy and nutty taste!) Once harvested, our packaging employees take an extra critical look at the quality. If everything is in order, they add a purple label: EAT ME!

Treat yourself to exotic fruit year-round

Once you've discovered our delicious products, you will want to enjoy them year-round.

That is why we work with growers on different continents. And we make sure that the taste is the same in every season. Another thing that we work hard on together with our growers: sustainable production. We apply very strict standards. Not only for cultivation itself, but also for how the companies treat their employees. In this way, you can enjoy EAT ME products with a clear conscience.

Treat yourself to exotic fruit recipes

Chances are that you are not yet familiar with every product in the EAT ME range. That is why we want to spoil you in a different way: by making it easy for you to discover something different. On our product pages, we explain what flavours you can expect. And how to prepare a fruit or a vegetable. You will also find delicious, and above all healthy, recipes. All in all, you will be very tempted to treat yourself a little more often!