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Ready-to-eat fruit

The tastiest fruit there is!

You come home with a large shopping bag full of fruit. The exotic fruit looked so delicious in the shop, you just had to buy it. And you would like nothing better than to sink your teeth into it. But hold on... is the fruit actually ready to eat? If you have bought EAT ME fruit, there is no need to worry. The eye-catching purple label on your produce means only one thing: EAT ME, because I am ready to eat!

The purple EAT ME label

With fruit that has been around for ages here in Western Europe, you know what you are doing. But what about all the exotic fruits you can buy today? Are they ready to eat? EAT ME thinks you should always be sure of it. That is why our entire range is ready to eat. It doesn't matter what you buy, where, or when you buy it.

Ready-to-eat means ready-to-eat, whether you buy our fruit in February or August. Just leave it to us. The only thing you need to look out for, is the purple label that says EAT ME. It is your guarantee that you can get stuck in straight away.

VIP treatment in ripening chambers

Many of our exotic fruits ripen by themselves between the time of harvest and the time of sale. Several popular products get the VIP treatment to ripen: avocados, mangoes, kiwis, papayas and plums. Once arrived at Nature's Pride, a shorter or longer stay awaits them in special ripening cells. These are cells where we can replicate the temperature and humidity of the country of origin. It helps avocados to ripen at their leisure, under natural conditions. And when our ripening masters feel the products are ripe (and tasty) enough after a few days, they put on a label that says: EAT ME!

Ripening, also to improve shelf life

This treatment in our ripening chambers also has another effect: it improves the shelf life of your avocado or mango. That is pretty special, when you think about it, because ripened products can often not be kept for very long. But EAT ME products will keep. If you have bought a few extra fruits, you can easily keep them for several days. This is not only convenient for you, it also prevents having to throw out fruit unnecessarily because you were a little late to tuck in. Because fruit is just too good to waste.

EAT ME: always ready-to-eat

So don't worry about bringing home bags full of fruit. Unpack and enjoy your ready-to-eat fruit!

Cut mango topview
Cut mango topview