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Put a culinary masterpiece on the table: with exotic fruit and vegetables from EAT ME

If you are looking to surprise your guests with a culinary dish, you absolutely can. EAT ME knows exactly what it takes to cook like a fancy chef. We inspire you with very special recipes that are easy to prepare. Just grab some of our exotic fruits and vegetables and you will have everything you need to serve a culinary masterpiece. We will help you to put a lunch or dinner on the table that even a chef would be proud of. Apart from being very easy to prepare, these are also healthy.

EAT ME has created all these culinary delights for you. 'I can't cook' is no excuse. You will also find exclusive recipes here that you can prepare in a jiffy (ok, maybe two jiffies). And if one day you feel more inspired and have a little more time, we also have recipes for some real showstoppers. It's not that hard, really, with exotic fruits and vegetables. These lesser known products create a culinary sensation. Just because of their uniqueness, your dish will be different.

Discover international cuisines

Our recipes will take you on a culinary trip around the world. The growers of our products have given us lots of inspiration. No one knows better what to do with passion fruit or sweet potatoes than the growers who harvest these products. With the passion that our growers have for their products, they are also excited to share their favourite recipes with you. This is how to give culinary talent a boost. And EAT ME will be your guide in your journey along international cuisines.

Looking for a special ingredient?

If you are looking for a particular ingredient,  chances are you will find it under the recognisable EAT ME label. Think of spicy habanero peppers or edamame, for example. (By the way, that is a delicious legume!)

Inspiration for your culinary recipe

Putting culinary delights on the table sometimes seems to be the privilege of Michelin-starred chefs. But these recipes and our exotic fruits and vegetables will make your life a lot easier. If you are feeling inspired, please take a look at our recipe page. Or start by deepening your knowledge of our exotic assortment on the page with our fun blogs!