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  • Pancake with papaya

Recept time
Recept time 4
Recept time Frying pan

Give pancakes a tropical twist with a lovely filling of Formosa papaya en mini pineapples. This exotic combination is to be served hot. Create a tropical surprise for your friends or family with this tasty recipe.


  • 1 EAT ME Formosa papaya
  • 2 EAT ME limes
  • 2 EAT ME mini pineapple
  • 100 g grated coconut
  • 50 ml orange juice
  • 100 g cane sugar
  • 1 tbsp vanilla sugar
  • 100 g butter
  • 300 g flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 600 ml milk
  • Pinch of salt

Let's get to work

  1. Mix the flour, eggs, milk, half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt until you have a smooth batter than strain it with a sieve.
  2. Melt the butter in a frying pan and bake the pancakes.
  3. Cut the Formosa papaya vertically in half. Remove the seeds with a spoon and dice them into cubes.
  4. Cut the mini pineapple by removing the leaves at the top with a sharp knife.
    Than cut them lengthwise in quarters. Remove the skin with a sharp knife and cut the mini pineapple in small pieces.
  5. Fry the pieces shortly with a piece of butter in a frying pan, add the cane sugar and leave to caramelise.
    Turn regularly to avoid burning.
  6. Add the grated coconut and stir it through.
  7. Add the lime and orange juice to deglaze. Let it simmer gently for about 3 minutes.
  8. Remove from the heat.
  9. Add the papaya pieces.
  10. Fill the pancakes with the papaya-pineapple mixture and roll it up.
  11. Serve the pancakes while they are hot.


Serve the pancakes with syrup and/or icing sugar.

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