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Yummy vega, is that at all possible?

There are so many delicious possibilities in terms of dishes and ingredients that it is not difficult to prepare a tasty vegetarian meal. Meat can be replaced by dairy, nuts, legumes or fruit and vegetables. We go for extra fruit and vegetables of course. When you take fruits and vegetables as a starting point, it's easy enough to put a healthy meal on the table.

It is comparatively simple if you want to change your diet and eat less meat or fully vegetarian. It is easy to replace a sandwich in the morning with yoghurt or oatmeal with fruit. This way you do not only remove meat from your menu in the morning, but you also consume a lot more vitamins.

oatmeal raspberry

Oatmeal with raspberries

Do you eat sandwiches for lunch? Try them with avocado and egg, a real treat! Avocados contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids and eating avocados gives you the right amount of good fats and fiber.

Farmers rye bread with avocado and egg

Wok dishes, salads and curries are delicious as an evening meal. By removing the focus on potato-vegetable-meat, you do not miss meat or fish at all. Have you ever had a really filling curry with butternut squash and chickpeas? It's well worth the try...!

Pumkin curry

More inspiration for less meat on your menu? Check out all our vegetarian dishes.

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