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It's time you got to know our EAT ME mangoes better, because this wonderfully sweet and juicy fruit can be enjoyed at any time. Did you know that children love them too?
Read all about our mangoes here. Let us inspire you to eat more of this fruit and take part in the fantastic children's bike competition!

Answer these short questions and have a chance to win a children's bicycle.


So, you want to enjoy a delicious sweet mango every day? Of course you do! EAT ME Mangos are available all year round, and taste great in a whole range of dishes. Here are some recipes for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Want to have a nice colouring picture?

Download it here

What does a delicious mango look like?

We follow the changing seasons around the globe to make sure we can supply the tastiest mangoes all year round. Mangoes grown in different countries are different on the outside, so appearance alone can't tell you if a mango is ripe. For example, some ripe EAT ME mangos have an attractive red glow, while others always remain green. Either way, they're all deliciously sweet and juicy! At the moment, the tastiest mangoes hail from the Ivory Coast. The climate in the Ivory Coast means these mangoes have a less smooth and slightly thinner skin than mangoes from other countries. That means there may be some wrinkles towards the blossom end of the mango, but these African mangos taste absolutely delicious.

And no worries, EAT ME mangos are always perfectly ripe and ready to be eaten straight away!! 

Test the hardness of a mango by carefully grasping it with your full hand. If the fruit yields, the mango is ripe. Don't squeeze the mango, because that can cause bruising. A ripe mango gives off a wonderfully sweet scent.

Ivory Coast

Characteristic: wrinkled blossom end


Characteristic: green skin

Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic

Characteristic: green, yellow and red skin

Peru & Brazil

Characteristic: red blush


Characteristic: wine-red skin

Age: 2-4 years
Veloretti Mini
Age: 4-6 years
Veloretti Maxi
Age: 7-13 years
Popal Daily Dutch
Age: 14-18 years

Answer these short questions and have a chance to win a children's bicycle.

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