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No Asian cuisine without edamame

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Are you familiar with edamame? This vegetable is perhaps better known as ‘soybean’. Yes, legumes are also produced by the soy plant. Actually, it is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod. But don't let that stop you trying EAT ME edamame! That is, if you haven't already tried it, as edamame is a very popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. And it also features in many other Asian cuisines.

With the edamame it is all about the inside, not the outside. The pod is covered with white hairs and has a tough, fibrous structure. Don't even bother with it - the surprise is on the inside. This exotic bean has a delicious nutty flavour. Each pod contains about three oval, green beans.

Recipes with edamame

Prepare this exotic vegetable as you would with other beans, so cook it. Enhance the flavour of the incredibly popular poké bowl by adding EAT ME edamame beans. Another tasty recipe with edamame is hummus. Or eat them as a healthy snack, popped straight from the pod.


Edamame should be cooked for 8-10 minutes first. But leave them in the pod! Only remove the beans afterwards. Keep an eye on the cooking time, especially if you like the crunchy bite. Snap the pod open to remove the beans inside. Then use them in the recipe of your choice. They can be enjoyed warm and cold.

How to use edamame in the kitchen?

  • Cooking

Storage advice

Store edamame in the fridge.

Where does edamame come from?

EAT ME edamame come from Kenya.